Pharma Patent Monetization: New Approaches, New Synergies

Published on 23 Oct, 2015

Pharma Patent Monetization

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Patents are the undisputable kingmakers in the life sciences industry.

Pharmaceutical giants who enjoyed a fruitful run while their branded drugs brought in billions have reached a precipice however.

The exclusive rights to a number of chemical drugs expired over the past four years, a patent cliff that left some of the biggest drug makers scrambling to stem their revenue loss.

As many biologics are slated to go generic in the coming years, the pharma industry is increasingly looking to reduce its dependence on blockbusters.

Such steep patent cliffs and far fewer in-house breakthrough innovations in recent years have forced the pharmaceutical industry to re-examine its business models. Many companies are shifting focus from finding their next blockbuster, instead looking for innovations that may become the space’s next big breakthrough.

An increased impetus on forging alliances has altered industry dynamics; old blockbuster-based operating models have come crashing down.

Although many small and medium-sized companies own patents and technologies at the commercial stage, they lack the resources to manufacture internally. These companies stand to benefit from their exclusive, sometimes niche patents, and are primed to commercialize their innovations. These fledgling companies forge alliances with investors and pharma companies that are looking to commercialize such promising innovations.

With old dogs in the market for new tricks, it’s prime time to find and build the right collaborations.

As companies actively seek associations with similar players to develop symbiotic relationships, monetize patents, and optimize alliances, is this a new age of pharmaceutical innovation?

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