IoT - How Technology is Helping Overcome Legal and Ethical Challenges

Published on 07 Aug, 2019

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Internet of Things (IoT), at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a fast-growing domain. It is now a part of our daily lives and activities: in transit, at home, or office. However, with its rise, privacy issues and threat of data loss have also reared their head. Cybersecurity has, therefore, become a primary concern for all companies implementing IoT or building IoT devices. Apart from the security aspect, there are other challenges such as absence of proper laws and inadequate governance.

In this report, we have identified the areas that need monitoring, gaps in laws, ethical issues, emerging start-ups and innovations. This report will be useful to organizations that apply IoT in various functions but face security issues. It will also help technologists and designers of devices or networks looking to improve their understanding of how to enhance the cybersecurity and privacy of their products/platforms.

This report is a synopsis of IoT and its story so far. It also gives the outlook for the technology, including its integration with other innovations.