Nanoparticle-based Products Under Clinical Trials

Published on 18 Dec, 2015

Since their advent in the late 1960s, several nanoparticle-based drugs are being clinically used in innovative therapeutic approaches with notable success.

Nanoparticle-augmented systems allow high-concentration targeted drug delivery to cancer cells while reducing systemic toxicity and injury to normal healthy tissue.

Nanoparticles are currently in an early stage of development. They have the potential and ability to selectively target cancer cells without significantly damaging healthy tissues.

Nanoparticles Under Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment

Of the various systems currently undergoing trials, liposomes, polymer nanoparticles and AuNPs are expected to be drivers in cancer therapy.

The development of nanoparticle drug delivery strategies that deliver multiple drugs using both active and passive targeting approaches to multiple cell sites is expected to be extremely beneficial to effective and efficient cancer treatment.

For more information about the use of Nanoparticles and their applications in cancer treatment, check out our report on Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems for Cancer Treatment.

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