Technology Intelligence

The phenomenon of disruptive innovation in the tech space is having a powerful impact across businesses. The tech life cycles are shorter and tech innovations and their roadmaps need to be planned and managed always.

Aranca helps organizations, tech firms and R&D institutions with intellectual property research solutions across the complete tech life cycle. Our team of domain experts and patent research analysts help you get insightful and effective solutions to address your technology roadmap planning and technology development challenges. Key areas where we help can you include R&D strategy roadmaps, white space analysis, tech landscaping, tech IP monetization, tech scouting and acquisitions, patent research support for innovation for emerging markets.

Why Aranca?

20+ Focus Technology Areas

Focus technology areas across three centers of excellence.

2000+ technology Intelligence Projects Conducted

Technology Intelligence projects conducted till date.

20+ Clients from Forbes list 'Most Innovative Companies'.

Clients from the Forbes list of 'Most Innovative Companies'.

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Work with analysts with advanced degrees and deep knowledge of the technology domain being studied.

Expert Network Access

We combine internal expertise with opinions of over 10,000 technology experts to generate insights that matter.

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Leverage our deep market research experience to develop a comprehensive business opportunity analysis.

Technology Intelligence Solutions Portfolio

Helping R&D and Technology teams answer strategic and tactical questions.

R&D Strategy Roadmaps
  • What are the emerging technology trends within the ecosystem that we operate in? Potential business disruptors?
  • Resultantly, what should our R&D strategy be in the medium-to-long term?
White Space Analysis
  • Are there any specific technology gaps in the domain of interest that we can leverage?
  • Market opportunity, entry options and business case for investing in above white spaces?
Tech Landscape | Innovation Focus
  • How has technology in our domain of interest evolved over time? What is the current state of technology maturity?
  • Which areas or ideas are inventors focusing on in recent years? Why?
Monetize existing technical know-how
  • Can our existing technologies be used in or retro-fitted for new applications?
  • What is the market opportunity and revenue potential for identified applications? What are the risks?
Tech Scouting & Acquisition
  • For our product / process improvements, are there superior technologies that we can potentially buy?
  • Acquisition costs and business case rationalization for acquiring relevant technologies?
Product design for emerging markets
  • What are the key characteristics with respect to customer needs, features and price for our product in specific markets?
  • Are there opportunities to launch products for consumers in the bottom-of-the-income pyramid?
Assignment Examples

    • Opportunity Analysis in Advanced Packaging Solutions
    • A US based Semiconductor testing player was interested in understanding the opportunities for advanced packaging solutions in various markets (such as automotive, healthcare) and challenges related with respect to each market. Aranca analysis helped the client understand the factors that will influence the adoption of 3D packaging and what kind of capabilities they need to build to play in the market.

    • Roadmap for Visualization Techniques for Cardiovascular Surgical Assistance
    • A leading medical devices player wanted to understand the development of 3D imaging, simulation and modelling techniques for cardiovascular systems. Aranca analysis helped the client in getting a perspective on the performance of various algorithms and identify appropriate partners for developing visualization modules to assist in complex cardiovascular surgeries.

    • Opportunity Analysis in Distribution Line Monitoring
    • A US-based electrical equipment supplier was interested in identifying the challenges faced by currently used distributing line monitoring solutions and potential opportunities for them to address the challenges. Aranca identified consumer requirements, challenges faced by distributors, economical burden, and various technical problems in power monitoring in distribution sub-system. Aranca further conducted a technology analysis to provide insights on the opportunities for the client to address the key problems faced by distributors.

    • Opportunities in Biomass Pre-treatment Methods for Biofuel Production
    • An industrial enzyme biotech company wanted to understand the opportunity for a specific strain of enzymes in biomass pre-treatment for biofuel production. Aranca carried out a technology analysis to map out various enzymatic processes involved in biomass pre-treatment and provided recommendations on the areas where the client’s enzyme strain could play a critical role and the kind of benefits it could provide.

    • Technology Landscape – Low-cost Pouches for Liquid Packaging
    • A US-based company wanted to understand the new materials that are being used to produce cost-effective pouches for packaging liquid products. Aranca conducted an in-depth analysis of technical information such as patents and scientific literature to identify new materials that can be used for manufacturing and provided a comparative analysis of the performance characteristics, and costs for the identified materials.

    • Technology Landscape - Bioconversion of Sweeteners
    • The client is a leading beverage producer and wanted to identify technology focus and trends related to bioconversion/ biotransformation/process reaction based approaches to synthesize sweeteners. Aranca carried out an in-depth analysis of the scientific papers, patents and commercial landscape to help the client understand the trends on patenting activity, technology evolution, key markets in the Bio-sweetener domain.

    • Identification of Alternate Markets for Organometallic Precursors
    • A Europe-based chemical was interested in identifying new markets for its organometallic precursors. Aranca’s analysis helped identify around 10 application areas, out of which the company now plans focus its business development efforts in two promising areas.

    • Alternate Markets for Mobile Camera Technology
    • A leading telecom player wanted to identify opportunities for its camera portfolio in alternate industries such as healthcare, digital camera, automotive etc. Aranca helped the client narrow down on specific application areas in these industries and also helped establish the ground for licensing and negotiations with potential targets.

    • Packaging Materials for Improving Shelf-life of Foods
    • A speciality chemical player was looking at new and emerging packaging technologies that help increase the shelf-life of packaged foods. Aranca analyzed over 40 materials and identified a group polymers with gas-barrier-like properties that the client licensed t provide a new solution to its customers.

    • Imprinting Technologies on Various Packages
    • A leading F&B packaging player engaged Aranca to scout for technologies that could imprint various codes on packages at a particular speed. Aranca provided a detailed overview of more than 20 technologies and list of potential partners for patent licensing and joint development. The client was successfully able to acquire key technology and incorporate it in their packaging for various F&B products.

    • Low-cost Packaging for Beverages
    • A leading FMCG player wanted Aranca to generate ideas on how they could reduce the overall cost of packaging for beverages sold in emerging countries. Aranca conducted a detailed field research and consumer research to identify the attributes and designs that are required by the market. This was followed by a through search for materials and manufacturing techniques that help in reducing the cost without compromising on the key attributes and designs that work in the commercial scenario. Aranca analysis helped the client in designing a packaged product that uses 30% less material thereby reduce the overall packaging cost.

    • Induction Heating Appliances
    • A leading home appliance manufacturer wanted to enter the induction heating appliances market. The client engaged Aranca to recommend differentiating features they should include in their product that will help them to capture market share from competitors, most of whom were early entrants in the market. Aranca through a combination of consumer research and competitive landscape analysis defined the key features in the product that will help client achieve a superior positioning over competitors.

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